MLM Mobile Apps

Supported by Android OS phone

When you are out of office and you have to check status of joining, you have to take time and go Cybercare, login admin panel and check status. It is time taking and have to wait till cybercafe.

But now you can check your company's status, distributor's status, Joining summary etc. on mobile and also send SMS to distributors from your android phone.

Silent Features of Mobile Apps:

  • Small and easy to learn
  • Simple login system
  • Single click information
  • Joining Summary
  • Check Visitors
  • Send SMS
  • Create ePins
  • Send ePins
  • Lock you admin panel

Mob: 9251400233,9829900233
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Basic Plan Rs.15,500/- , Silver Plan Rs.45,000/- , Gold Plan Rs.75,000/- , Mobile App Rs.20,000/- Limited time offer*