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MLM Product

Give value of money to your distributor. A valuable product create company repo in MLM Industry. Currently deals in Aloe Vera Cosmetics and Herbals products. We also help you in search more other valuable products at minimum purchase cost so you can distribute best incentive to your distributors

Manufacture you own best quality products with lable of "manufacture by : our company" and "marketed by : your mlm company", so you are free from any quality control process and liabilty related to quality.

Sno. Product Name Product Image Prodcut Description Packing
1. Aloevera All Purpose Cream mlm product india Aloe vera gel has cooing effect on skin and helps in healing cuts, bums and wounds. It penetrates in skin and is a good moisturizer, it protects skin from harmful uv rays. For everyday use, simply apply a thin layer of gel on th exposed part of body after bath. This will protect skin from harmful dust, sun rays, and keep skin soft and supple. 500 gm
1000 gm
2. Aloevra Naturals Juice mlm product india Aloevera is known since the last 4000 years as one of the most powerful and wonder healing plant on the earth. Aloevera is widely accepted as a medicinal plant, the juice of the aloevera plants is also a nutritional drink as it contains over 200 different components including 20 amino acids, vitamins and minerals are found in human body. 1 Ltr.
2 Ltrs.
3. Aloevra Naturals with Ashwagandha mlm products It has all the benefits aloevera natural and also helps in rejuvenation of the body, the combination with ashwagandha gives all the benefits which one gets from gensing a well known herb from korea. A dosager of 25ml per day keeps you fit and fine. 1 Ltr.
2 Ltrs
4. Alovera Suprme Juice mlm software Aloe Vera Supreme Juice is a premium aloe product with a great taste. Aloe Vera supreme juice has been determined to contain over 39 essential vitamins and minerals and all 23 amino acids. that contains this many nutrients that are essential to life's existence. 1 Ltr.
2 Ltrs
5. Aloevera Neem Soap mlm product It controls acne, as a neem is a natural disinfecant. It revitalizes the skin and brings a healthy glow to the skin. Aloevera controls the aging of skin cells to keep skin young. 500 gms
6. Aloe Vera Sandal Soap mlm product Made from pure vegetable soap formulated with sandal oil. Recommended by Doctors for people with sensitive skin. Added with Aloevera. It keep the skin young, supple and slows the aging process. 500 gms
7. Aloevera Natura Soap mlm product Made from Aloevera in its natural form and brings with it the beneifits of Aloe. Rejuvenates the skin and makes it glow. 500 gms

Product Selection

Product selection is a big issue in MLM Industry. Lot of MLM player want to open MLM company, but they are confused in selection of product. Before product selection, you must consider following points :

  • Product vs services
  • Both are valid in selling concept
  • Margin
  • A good margin should be there so you can a good mlm plan
  • Tax free vs taxpaid
  • Lot of companies have tax free product like suitlength, books etc. you should think about it, what product you can get easly
  • Shipping
  • If you have product which require shipping,there are two option for shipping. first is by hand or second is courier.
  • Whatever option you select, you must get receipt of receiving product from your member
  • Guarantee or Warranty
  • Guarantee is more in manufacture, Warranty is more in distribution and reselling parts; for example, a company manufacture a scooter is liable for manufacture guarantee,on the other hand, some importer or distributor resell the products will use warranty A guarantee is giving you their word (kinda like an empty promise.) A warranty is in writing that they will correct any problem within the scope of the warranty. Take a warranty over a guarantee anytime.
  • Don't get any liablities of product guarantee or warranty. Try to put this part to product manufacture or company from where you are getting product.

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